June 8, 2015

Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) is International Airport of Nepal. TIA is only one international airport of Himalayan country Nepal situated in Kathmandu Nepal. TIA popularly known as Kathmandu Nepal Airport is just few (approx. 6 KM) from the main city and touches three earliest cities Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. Kathmandu Nepal International Airport is serving as international airport, domestic airport, helipad as well as airfield.

History of TIA Airport:
Nepal International Airport was inaugurated by king Mahendra in 1955.  Single engine aircraft was landed in 1949 in small grassland of sinamangal Kathmandu. In 1951 king Tribhuvan landed from India after seeding of democracy in Nepal. Nepal International airport is named after the king Tribhuvan. First Jet plane was landed on 1967 and regularly starts to operate from 1972. Now, Nepal international airport operates more than 27 international airlines from major international cities.

Nepal Tribhuvan international airport has one domestic and one international terminal and one terminal for VIP guest. Currently around 27 international airlines and around 10 national airlines regularly provide their services from the Nepal international airport of KTM. There are about 35 domestic airports in Nepal among them Pokhara airport, biratnagar airport, parsa airport, bhairawa airport, lukla airport are some most busy national airport of Nepal.  Taxies and buses are easily available from international airport. Airport has facilities green number taxies and shaja yatayat for the travelers which are available in front of international airport. Local buses and micros are available outside of airport gate which is around 200 meter from terminal.

Recently, after massive earthquake of April and May thousands of international and national flights are operated from the Nepal airport and the work and coordination of the staff of International airport is praised publicly. Airport is completely safe after the disastrous earthquake and takes its operation regularly.

Quick Facts:

Name: Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) (IATA: KTM – ICAO: VNKT)
Operator: Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN)
Located: Kathmandu, Nepal (5.56 km east of Kathmandu city)
Temperature: 27.8 C (Reference)
Coordinates: 27 41 50 N – 085 21 28 E (with elevation of 4390ft. ASML)
Runway length: 10,007 feet * 150 feet with orientation of 02/20
Air Traffic Control Service
Aeronautical Communication service
Aeronautical information service
Overall capacity:
International:  9 medium and wide body category aircraft
Domestic: 17 small aircraft
Helipad: 13 Helicopters

Nepal International Airport Kathmandu Nepal

June 4, 2015

Lumbini Nepal 'birthplace of Buddha' tourism decreases dramatically after massive Nepal earthquake of 2015. Flow of national and international tourist declines significantly so to promote tourism in Lumbini ‘Visit Lumbini Help Nepal’ activities is planned according to the tourism entrepreneurs of Lumbini Nepal.

According to the president Chandra Prakash Shrestha of Siddhartha Hotel Association Nepal (SHAN) Lumbini a group of 11 members’ tourism entrepreneurs and journalist are heading towards Thailand on Friday June 5, 2015.

SHAN will be conducting Photo exhibition of Lumbini and other Buddhist areas of Lumbini Nepal in wat saket Buddhist temple in Bangkok Thailand. Also SHAN is showing in other different programs like photo exhibition, documentary and short movie exhibition and broacher of Lumbini are being shown and distributed to promote tourism in Bangkok Thailand.

During stay of Thailand SHAN group will be meeting Ambassador of Nepal to Thailand, NRN Nepali of Thailand, Thai people those who love Nepal and Lumbini to appeal help for promotion of tourism in Nepal and Lumbini after earthquake.

After massive earthquake Lumbini and other tourism places of Nepal are completely safe for tourism. Hotels and other tourism destination of Lumbini are not affected by earthquake. To promote this fact of Nepal and Lumbini Tourism entrepreneur of Lumbini are together  and are conducting a activities 'Visit Lumbini Help Nepal'.

June 2, 2015

After earthquake of Nepal tourism industry suffers extremely in Nepal. Pokhara one of the most popular tourist destination of Nepal is not also apart from this. Visiting rate of domestic tourist as well as international tourist to pokhara decreases dramatically.  To increase the flow of tourist as well as to revive tourism industry in pokhara tourism entrepreneur of pokhara offer heavy discount package of 15% upto 50% on various tourism services.

Pokhara is not affected by earthquake of April 25 and May 12. All tourism based places and industries are as it is and full safe as before. But only the flow of tourist decreases due to fear of earthquake. So to revive the tourism they have offered discount on all inclusive deals, pokhara hotels and lodge, restaurants , pokhara tour package, tourist bus to pokhara, pokhara city tour, paragliding in pokhara, bungee jump, treks from pokhara, hotels in lake side, pokhara siteseeing, pokhara city tour, trekking from pokhara, apparel and trekking gears, bungee and zip flyer, ultra-light flight, trek guide fee.

Following is list of discount
Hotels and Lodge in Pokhara – 50 percent
Restaurant in pokhara – 20 percent
Trekking packages – 30 percent
Apparels Trekking gears – 20 percent
Trek guide – 20 percent
Tourist Bus fare – 20 percent
Bus reserve fee – 20 percent
Paragliding and ultra light flight – 15 percent
Bungee jump and zip flyer – 50 percent

The discount is applicable for both domestic as well as international tourist visiting pokhara and valid till 30th September 2015.

Infographics of discounted pokhara tour package

June 1, 2015

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. –Nelson Mandela

Five weeks after the massive earthquake of April 25 and May 12 schools of affected districts are reopened from May 31st 2015. Parents and students are excited going back to school from Sunday.
After disastrous earthquake it is not easy to send student back to school after effort from different sectors of Nepal schools are reopened and the students are being send to the school. Many organizations like UNICEF, Save the Children etc. are actively participating to make the life of children normal in the school. 

More than 32,000 classrooms have been completely destroyed by earthquake in Nepal. More than 15,000 classroom have been badly damaged and considered unsafe for students and teachers.  UNICEF estimate that more than million students are directly affected by the earthquake. To bring all them back to school is most challenging task to the schools, parents and helping organizations.
Many organizations and schools are making Temporarily Learning Center (TLC), temporary schools and Child Learning Center.  Students are going to those center and start to learn by playing and using other different materials. 

Students from villages and cities are happy and excited to meet their schools friends and they used to talk about the earthquake and exchange their experience of earthquake. Teacher are also providing them inspiration and motivation towards the education and bright future of them and their families. During the class teachers teaches about the earthquake, methods of safety during and after earthquake, how to overcome the fear after the earthquake and share their experience to the children. Some Children did not went to school due to fear of earthquake but they will be in school soon. Children are more excited who are in school but teachers are in some fear because of high responsibility of child and their life.

Children happily heading off to school as youth volunteers, some organizations and schools together demolish a damaged school and create learning environment in school bus some parents remain still scared to send their children to schools as aftershocks continue hitting. Teachers must be trained to keep their disturbing memories in check and handle children so the life of the children become normal and starts to learn in usual way.

Now situation is being normal! Best of luck kids!

Here are some pictures which are taken after back to school :)

Image : Children in UNICEF learning center and Child Friendly center after back to school

 Image: Child Learning Center and Child Care Center In Nepal after Earthquake

Image: Students returning back to home after school on sunday

Which is most Beautiful place of Nepal?

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